48 Hour Filmmaker Challenge

About the challenge

 Every year at the Sacramento International Film Festival, we participate in the 

48 Hour Filmmaker Challenge. It is a fantastic chance to grow and stretch and learn.  

Each team is given 48 hours to:

1) Write

2) Shoot

3) Edit

4) Deliver Film.

The films can be no longer than 6 minutes (Including credits).

Then they throw in the curve balls... 

Each challenge has its own unique "specifics" that must be in each film in order to qualify.

Each year you are given:

A) A Theme 

B) A Genre (Pulled from a hat)

C) A Prop

D) A Character Name

E) A Line of Dialogue 


Masked Desire *Official Trailer*

This is the trailer for our 48Hr filmmaker challenge 2018. "Masked Desire" (Featuring the incomparable Midtown Moxies Burlesque troupe) 

Masked Desire

Here are the required elements...

Theme: Fashion of Horror/The Horror of Fashion. 

Genre: International Occult Horror

Prop: A Mask 

Character Name: Coco McQueen 

Line of Dialog: "It may be normal darling, but I'd rather be natural" (from Breakfast at Tiffany's)

Fractured Moonlight

Official Trailer for 

Fractured Moonlight

Fractured Moonlight

This is a paranormal murder mystery 2017.

The particulars...

Theme: Scandal

Genre: Mad Scientist

Prop: Maltese Falcon

Character Name: Frank Dodd

Line of Dialogue: "When is someone going to finally go on record in this story?" (From "All the Presidents Men")

The Nautica Chronicles: Firebug

Offical Trailer for The Nautica Chronicles: Firebug

The Nautica Chronicles: Firebug

Our First 48HR Challenge Entry (2015)

The particulars...

Theme: Female Super Hero

Genre: Ghost Story

Prop: Some Item that makes people tell the truth (i.e. Wonder Woman's Lasso)

Character Name: Kaboom

Line of Dialogue: "It's a bird, its a plane, its...________!" (From "Superman")