Fortis Libertas

Fortis Libertas: A Pagan’s Guide to Surviving the Trump administration

 Frustrated and troubled by the current administration and all the craziness that you see in the news?
Pagan or not...This is for you!
Check out these timely and thought provoking interviews with three influential leaders in the Pagan world as they give advice on how to cope and survive these times. Not to mention how to survive with your sanity in tact.

ArtMIX: Masqurade *Official Trailer*

A short documentary on Sacramento fashion. Following Miss Velvet Cream designer Scatha G Allison and Bluemoon Inspired headpieces. Produced in part with Fashion on Film Sacramento 2018.

Premiering February 22nd 

ArtMIX: Masquerade

  ArtMix Masquerade was made as part of Fashion on Film 2018. Filmed on location at the Crocker Art Museum in downtown Sacramento, CA. This is a short documentary featuring Sacramento Fashion. Featuring designer Scatha Alison of Miss Velvet Cream. Headpieces by Leona of Bluemoon Inspired. 

Official Awen Trailer

Watch the Official Awen Trailer,

The Mexican Open

This short documentary covers the 2016 Mexican Open Golf Tournament and Charity Fundraiser.